Passenger safety is a paramount principle for all our operations. To ensure our clients’ aircrafts are maintained to highest safety standards, we have our own onsite aircraft maintenance, Propel Aviation Sales & Services.  Propel Aviation is an FAA, INAC, & IDAC Certified Maintenance Repair Station and authorized Textron Aviation Service Facility authorized for both the Cessna and Beechcraft range of single engine, multi-engine piston and propjet aircraft. Located on the SE at Miami Executive Airport, they have been successfully providing aircraft maintenance to clients in Miami for over 25 years.

Regulated by FAA’s stringent safely standards, Propel Aviation has strong team of top-level aviation engineers and specialists as well as expert, factory-trained, A&P licensed mechanics. Propel Aviation has the expertise to get your aircraft safely back in the air as well as the flexibility to meet your scheduling needs. Propel Aviation Sales & Services is approved by all main aircraft manufacturers and FAA certified to work on over forty types of aircraft.

Aircraft Maintenance we offer through Propel Aviation includes:

  • FAA, INAC, and IDAC Certified Repair Station
  • Major Airframe Inspections & NDT’s
  • Annual and Progressive Inspections on Piston, Turbine, and TurboJet Aircrafts
  • Engine, Gear, and Propeller Maintenance
  • Factory Authorized Service
  • Modifications and Repairs
  • Avionics Repair, Upgrade, and Installation
  • AD & Service Bulletin Compliance
  • Cabin Systems Installation
  • Exterior Painting, Detailing, and Corrosion Correction
  • Custom Interior Work and Cabin Refurbishment
  • Compressor Washes
  • Software Updates
  • Emergency Equipment Recertification
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections
  • Import And Export of Aircrafts
  • RVSM, IFR, and VFR Certifications
  • AOG Support
  • Parts and Accessories Sales
  • Aircraft Sales
  • Maintenance Management

Contact Propel Aviation Sales and Services at 305-255-5077/ 305-238-3358 for any and all your maintenance needs!